Charmy Bee is a young and hyperactive, anthropomorphic honeybee with a big heart and the youngest member of the Chaotix Detective Agency.
Charmy Bee

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Charmy is an ahthropomorphic honeybee at small height, with yellow and black fur, peach skin around his muzzle and arms, and orange-amber eyes. Charmy wears a black pilot's helmet with red trim and holes for his antennas and a pair of brown flight goggles with silver and black accents.

Charmy wears an orange vest with gold-colored zipper/zipper pull, white v-collar, and a patch on the left chest area that depicts a bee-like symbol, a pair of white gloves backed by thick, black ring-shaped cuffs, as well as black shoulder pads on his vest, and a pair of orange sneakers with gold-colored zipper/zipper pulls, black collars and rubber white socks.


Charmy is hyperactive and scatterbrained, and not too bright. Because he is a child, he would rather play than work. However, he is also very friendly, lighthearted and cheerful. Due to his age, he is not as skilled a detective as Vector or Espio, but he is nonetheless valuable to the team. It is possible he is also greedy like Vector, as they had dollar signs in their eyes when their client promised a large payment, although, as children are wanting to do, he may just be emulating Vector's behavior.


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  • Flight - Charmy can achive flight by using the bee wings on his back.
  • Super Speed
  • Sharp Stinger - Charmy can use his stinger as a method of attack when he is alone.
  • Capable Detective and Tracker
  • Warp Flower Usage
  • Whirlwind Generation
  • Grinding

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