The Gotei 13 (Thirteen Court Guard Squads in the English dub) is the primary military branch of Soul Society and the main military organization most Shinigami join after leaving or graduating the academy.



The Gotei 13 serves as a military force with its primary responsibilities consisting of:

  • The defense of the Seireitei, the center of Soul Society.
  • The deployment of taskforces for defensive measures in the Human World.
  • The guiding of souls to Soul Society. 

General OperationEdit



Captain's CouncilEdit


  • The Captain-Commander (Head Captain in the English Dub) is the supreme leader of the Gotei 13.
  • Captain is the leader of one of the Thirteen Squads.

There are three different ways to become a Gotei 13 captain:

  1. Captain Proficiency Test: One of the ways to become a captain.
  2. Personal Recommendation:
  3. Trial by Combat:


  • Lieutenant is the Second Seated Officer in a division.

Seated OfficersEdit


First SquadEdit

Captain Genryusai-Shigekuni Yamamoto
Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe
Third Seat Genshiro Okikiba
Insignia Chrysanthemums
Insignia Signifies Truth and Innocence
Division Color Deep Purple

Second SquadEdit

Captain Sui-Feng
Lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda
Third Seat N/A
Insignia Pasque Flower
Insignia Signifies Seek Nothing
Division Color Dark Orange

Third SquadEdit

Captain Rojuro Otoribashi
Lieutenant Izuru Kira
Third Seat Riku Togakushi
Insignia Marigold
Insignia Signifies Despair
Division Color Spring Green (Magic Mint)

Fourth SquadEdit

Captain Retsu Unohana
Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu
Third Seat Yasochika Iemura


Insignia Signifies Those Who Grieve Are Loved
Division Color Puce (Dusky Pink)

Fifth SquadEdit

Captain Shinji Hirako
Lieutenant Momo Hinamori
Third Seat N/A
Insignia Lily of the Valley
Insignia Signifies Sacrifice, Danger, Pure Love, Humility, Sweetness
Division Color Pale Turquoise

Sixth SquadEdit

Captain Byakuya Kuchiki
Lieutenant Renji Abarai
Third Seat Sora Hakama
Insignia Camellia
Insignia Signifies Noble Reason
Division Color Cobalt Blue

Seventh SquadEdit

Captain Sajin Komamura
Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba
Third Seat N/A
Insignia Iris
Insignia Signifies Courage
Division Color Dark Tan

Eighth SquadEdit

Captain Shunsui Kyoraku
Lieutenant Nanao Ise
Third Seat Tatsufusa Enjoji
Insignia Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)
Insignia Signifies Everything is Obtained
Division Color Raspberry Rose

Ninth SquadEdit

Captain Kensei Muguruma
Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi & Mashiro Kuna
Third Seat N/A
Insignia White Poppy
Insignia Signifies Oblivion
Division Color Tenne

Tenth SquadEdit

Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya
Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto
Third Seat N/A
Insignia Daffodil
Insignia Signifies Mystery, Egoism
Division Color Dark Green

Eleventh SquadEdit

Captain Kenpachi Zaraki
Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi
Third Seat Ikkaku Madarame
Insignia Yarrow
Insignia Signifies Fighting
Division Color Lavender

Twelfth SquadEdit

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi
Third Seat Akon
Insignia Thistle
Insignia Signifies Vengeance, Strictness, Independence
Division Color Olive Green

Thirteenth SquadEdit

Captain Jushiro Ukitake
Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki
Third Seat Kiyone Kotetsu & Sentaro Kotsubaki
Insignia Snowdrop
Insignia Signifies Hope
Division Color Maroon

Transferring to Another DivisionEdit

Size and RecruitmentEdit

Each Division is made up of just over 200 shinigami, with the Gotei 13's standing force being just around 3,000 total enlist troops.


Each of the 13 divisions in the Gotei 13 have their own symbol which represents the division's primary role.


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