Kokuto is an inhabitant of hell and the mastermind behind Ichigo Kurosaki's sister's kidnapping so he could use Ichigo's hollow powers to escape from hell.


Kokuto is a tall and lean-built man with pale-skin and shoulder-length white hair. He wears a sleeveless white shirt, striped in the same fashion as the other Sinners. The upper half of his head is swathed in black bandages, and he has an accompanying black sash strapped to his waist. His chains are located on his wrists and around his neck. Tufts of white hair can be seen protruding from a fold in his bandages. After removing his bandages, Kokuto is shown to be horribly burned across the right side of his body, extending all the way down past his abdomen. His hair is also much longer than previously shown, with the hair on the right side of his face taking on the appearance of cornrows.



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  • Master Swordsman - Kokuto has shown during each of his fights to be extremely proficient in combat with this sword, as he is able to slice apart an energy blast from Taikon effortlessly, and cut Garogai in half with relative ease. His skills also allowed him to takes on Taikon, Gunjo and Garogai by himself and fight back Ichigo's Bankai-enhanced sword skills, as well as Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra-enhanced combat capabilities and Sonic's super speed and swordsmanship skills, all with a single hand.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Energy Shield - Kokuto is able to immerse himself in a blue energy shield, which is strong enough to allow the Togabito to emerge unscathed from a point-blank Cero from Ichigo's Hollowfication, minus his Chains.
  • Keen Intellect - Kokuto is a very crafty individual. Highly manipulative, Kokuto was able to deceive Ichigo into believing he was a kind-hearted man to fight alongside him. He was also intuitive enough to deduce that the key to escaping Hell lay in the chains binding him to Hell, and that Ichigo's full Hollow transformation was sufficient enough to achieve such an outcome.
  • Immense Spiritual Power


  • Chains
  • Curved Sword

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  • Unnamed Sister (Deceased)



  • Welcome to Hell!
  • That's it! Focus your rage! Cast aside your soul!
  • (to Ichigo Kurosaki) - Look, its' simple really. The only thing that keeps us going that keeps us stronger... is an emotion called "hatred".
  • (to Naruto Uzumaki) - Hate me even more! Its' the only thing that's going to save your pathetic life, runt!


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