Mighty the Armadillo is an anthropomorphic armadillo who is a longtime member of the Chaotix Detective Agency and the best friend of Ray the Flying Squirrel.

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Mighty is a black-and-peach armadillo with a red shell. He has a black nose that is somewhat longer and more pointed than Sonic's and he has light blue eyes. For attire, he wears large black, red, and brown boots, black, a pair of fingerless white gloves with red lining the finger holes and buckled brown cuffs, with bandages wrapped around his lower arms.


Mighty is a heroic individual who wants to help everyone he can, not unlike Sonic. However, Mighty's great strength is a source of some paranoia, as he is afraid of losing control and hurting someone. This provides him with something of a temper, which grows more prevalent when he feels helpless. Like Sonic, he tends to take more upon himself than is sensible, though he also appears to possess a high sense of decorum.


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  • Super Strength - Mighty possesses high levels of superhuman strength, rivaling that of Knuckles.
  • Super Speed
  • Super Durability
  • Skilled Combatant
  • Grinding

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  • Let's Roll Out!


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