NICOLE the Holo-Lynx is a sentient, portable computer that takes a holographic form after growing enious of Sally and her organic body over the past few years.
NICOLE the Holo-Lynx 3D


As a computer unit, NICOLE’s design is slightly inconsistent. In general terms, her hand-held is relatively compact, grey in color, and features a flip-top, a screen, two buttons and a small keypad. However, the number of keys, size and general positioning of the unit varies from artist to artist. The unit also has an attachable hook on the top screen where a Power Ring can be inserted.

NICOLE’s simulated/projected body takes the form of a brown anthropomorphic lynx; the ends of her ears are black, and her face features a stripe along the bridge of the nose as well as one under each eye. Her eyes are green and her black hair is medium-long with splits at the ends. For attire, she wears a shoulder-less, sleeveless and purple dress with split tails, decorated with a small broach. She has black pants, white gloves, and shoes, the gloves featuring round gold cuffs while the shoes had silver cuffs and toes.


Despite being a computer program, NICOLE is virtually completely life-like and is capable of a genuine spectrum of emotions and affections. She is friendly, helpful and a loyal member of the New Freedom Fighters, having helped the Freedom Fighting cause and her friends at her own risk more than once. In addition, she is very supportive and cares genially for her friends, giving Sally moral strength when she was in self-doubt about her actions as Mecha Sally, and felt guilty at risking the mental stability of her friends when she restored their old memories. Most noticeably, she also seems to have a small sense of humor on several ocassions.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Computer Hacking
  • Nanite Manipulation
  • Genius-Level Intelligence - NICOLE possesses a genius-level intellect, as she can process information and possess knowledge far beyond the average person.
  • Powerful Central Processing Unit made from Future Technology
  • Sophisticated on-board sensors and defense mechanism
  • Ability to act as an energy conduit
  • Built-in Laser
  • Interface with other Machinery
  • Energy Fields
  • Teleportation of herself and individuals
  • Can use nanites to form just about anything
  • Proficient EnerBeam wielder







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