• Believe It!
  • I'll never go back on my Word. That's my Nindo: my ninja way!!
  • I'm the Hidden Leaf Hero: Naruto Uzumaki!
  • I'm gonna become Hokage! I won't stop here!!
  • Kurama and I will settle this fight!
  • (to Kakashi Hatake) - 
  • (to Neji Hyuga) - 
  • (to Gaara) - 
  • (to Itachi Uchiha) - Cause to me, Sasuke's like a brother. He been more of a brother to me than you ever were to him!
  • (to Pain) - You give up... on making me give up!!
  • (to Nagato, reciting a line from Jiraiya's first book) - Then I will break that curse. If there is a thing such as peace, I will find the answer. So I won't give up!
  • (to Sasuke Uchiha) - If you attack Konoha, I'll have to fight... So save up your hatred and take it all out on me, I'm the only one who can take it! It's the least that I can do! I'll shoulder your hatred and die with you!
  • (to Sasuke Uchiha) - Because were friends!
  • (to Tobi) - Don't assume that being bonded to a tailed beast is a bad thing. Even in this world you say is useless!
  • (to Kurama) - You're not a demon fox anymore. You're an asset to the Leaf and my partner... Kurama.
  • (to Madara Uchiha) - I'm not gonna let it happen, idiot! I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage, you know! There's no way I'm not gonna fall for you're talk!
  • (to Obito Uchiha and Madara Uchiha) - I won't let my commrades die!!
  • (to Obito Uchiha) - This entire world... Will not end!
  • (to Obito Uchiha) - Quit it your stupid reasoning! I meant to say that I'll stand any pain for my friends! I'm not gonna give up on them!! It might just be selfish, but... not having friends here... is the most painful thing I have to bear!! Period!!!!
  • (to Madara Uchiha) - 
  • (to Dello Sachs) - 
  • (to Hakura Otsutsuki) - 
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