Shuren is an inhabitant of Hell who is the leaer of a group of Sinners.
Shuren ep 299


As a Sinner, he wore a white body suit with unusual square patterns with black fabric wrapped around his left leg, a cloak and red chains and shackles on his neck and chest. He also wore the standard mask the known members seem to wear, although he wears his on his chest. He has purple hair parted in a long fringe on the left side of his face.



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  • Fire Manipulation - Shuren has demonstrated the ability to generate and manipulate fire from the palms of his hands for a variety of effects, ranging from creating high-speed projectiles of fire to summoning forth a lance-like flame of which he has displayed remarkable proficiency, using it as a close-range weapon. Shuren is also capable of using his flames to deflect enemy attacks - as shown when he managed to counter a Getsuga Tensho by using a steady stream of fire as a makeshift barrier. He can also produce doppelgängers of himself, entirely composed of flames.
  • Keen Intellect - Shuren is shown to have some knowledge of the Espada and their techniques, as he was able to readily identify a Gran Rey Cero.
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Damage Resistance
  • High Spiritual Power






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