Shusuke Amagai is the former captain of the Third Squad after Gin Ichimaru's betrayal. He was also the mastermind behind the Kasumioji Conspiracy.


Shūsuke Amagai has a rather unkempt appearance to himself, due to his messy hair and chin stubble. He is a tall and muscular Shinigami who has chin-length blueish hair that he wears in a somewhat ragged fashion. As opposed to his predecessor, he wears a long-sleeved captain's haori. Aside from the extra sword sheath and the strange paper that he keeps in the fold of his uniform, his outfit is a standard Shinigami uniform, albeit with a few other changes such as three pockets on his right ribcage part of his uniform..



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Raika (Ligthning Flash) - In its sealed form, it resembles a kodachi. It has an olive-green hilt, with a bronze bow-shaped tsuba. He carries it in a red scabbard attached to a strap hanging on his waist.

  • Shikai - Raika's release command is "Sever". Shusuke holds his Zanpakuto upside down behind his back and calls out the release command. In its Shikai, Raika takes the form of a white longsword, with a hook at the end and curved, shell-like pipes that form the hilt. Upon transformation, the pipes emit flames, in both Shikai and Bankai form. The flames emitting from the holes produce a sound similar to a trumpet.

Shikai Special Ability - The pipes emit fire, heating the blade and causing it to take on a more fiery color. By heating the blade, it can harness enough potent flames to ward off destructive-laced energies of even a Bankai grade weapon or technique.

  • Fireball
  • Fissures of Fire
  • Bankai: Raika Goen Kaku (Lightning Flash Flame Shell) - Amagai holds out his Zanpakuto in front of him as fire swells around him. Raika becomes a large and more detailed version of its former self. Raika Gōen Kaku takes the form of an enlarged sword, and turns the edge of the blade a crimson red color, with a hook at the end. The inner side of the hook-blade sports several jagged edges. A large white shell with a light-purple trim covers the hilt. A massive hollow pauldron/shield with the handle is hidden behind it. The sword is about as tall as Shusuke in this form.

Bankai Special Ability


Turning Fork Form

  • Energy Blast
  • Energy Blade
  • Communication Field

True Form

  • Bakkoto Special Ability

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  • Bankai: Raika Goen Kaku






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